Saturday, February 9, 2013

And Back to Google blogger after 3.5 years... Haven't aged a BIT

Finally making a blogger blog post 3 years after opening blogger     +ryan lashlee +E J Lashlee +RJay Sharpe +Ana Hoffman +Steve Pugh +Steve Lara

Hey Guys dont forget to check out the official REiMEMBER Blog, and not just this lame Almost Official one... The blog just launched yesterday ... also or "real estate investing member" is a fun webnetwork to learn investing, marketing & all things to do with real estate ... There is a growing How to section as well as a Craigslist Geek Primer, which will help YOU write REALLY PERSUASIVE ads because they will rank in the search engines organically  ... as well as normally with in craigslist ... these are totally legitimate techniques by the way following the Craigslist Terms of Service . . .

So, check us out and subscribe ...

James Henderson
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